£300 – £500
Head and Shoulders
Dry Media

£2,000 – £3,000
Head and Shoulders
Oil on Canvas

£5,000 – £10,000
Half Figure ( Overmantel )
Oil on Canvas

£10,000 – £20,000
Full or Three Quarter Figure
Oil on Canvas
The portraits here begin with an underpainting that is built up in a series of glazes. The shadows are deepened and white is introduced to develop strong lights and delicate halftones.
Colour is applied once the tones are fully established. The underpainting gives the portrait a tonal foundation that can increase the depth and naturalism of the finished work.
Portraits from life usually require 4 to 6 sittings of about 2 or 3 hours each. Where sittings are not an option, suitable photographic reference can be used. A portrait will normally take around 3 months to complete.

On leaving Ravensbourne Art College in the late nineteen seventies, I worked in Fleet Street, drawing portraits of political figures for the national and international press.

After this, I had a successful career in advertising, as an art director with several London ad agencies.

In the nineties, alongside my creative work in London, I returned to portraits, having been taught period painting techniques by David Cranswick, a specialist in old master materials.

Today my studio is in Sevenoaks, Kent, where I paint portraits to commission for a range of clients in the UK and overseas.