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Martin Wells Portrait Painter

I am a portrait painter based in Sevenoaks, Kent, painting commissioned portraits for a range of clients in the UK and overseas. My studio is 30 minutes from central London.
The portraits are painted in oil on traditional linen canvas with the finest hand-made paint and materials.
As well as oil on canvas portrait painting, this site contains dry media portraits in pastel, red chalk and charcoal. You will also see life drawings and paintings from an art group I run in Kent.
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Portrait paintings will live on long after the portrait painters and portrait sitters have gone. Well made canvas portraits often last for centuries as personal works of art and heirlooms for future generations. A portrait is an interpretation; a view from one moment in time that can endure with lasting value across time.

These portraits, painted in my Kent studio just outside London, are all made with time-served painting techniques extensively derived from traditional practice.